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Kristen Harper is a speaker, entrepreneur, and health and wellness expert.  As a role model and motivator, Kristen has a unique connection with her audience that derives from her own personal journey towards wellness and happiness.  Before becoming a success, Kristen struggled with health issues and an eating disorder. 


Kristen founded her company Perfect Health Consulting Services, LLC in 2009, with the goal to help people all around the world become healthy.  She is a certified Nutrition Consultant, in addition to holding a Master of Administration, with an emphasis in Health Promotion, and a Bachelor of Science in Business Management.  She is presently studying to become a Registered Dietitian.


Kristen speaks to a variety of audiences, including big companies, such as United Healthcare and has been on many radio shows.  Her presentation style is full of passion and wisdom.  She speaks on various topics, including health and wellness, nutrition, eating disorders, releasing traumas, mindfulness, and more!  Kristen inspires audiences to keep healthy, happy, and motivated!

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Address: P.O. Box 3091

Lake Havasu City, Arizona 86405

Phone: 928-606-3984


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