Increase Your Vitality


Are you suffering with health conditions or symptoms?  Are you healthy, however you want to prevent yourself from having health conditions in the future?  Increase Your Vitality is completely different from drug medicine and most healing arts.


What Is The Increase Your Vitality Program?


The program is designed based off a hair mineral analysis to balance body chemistry naturally.  This is done through a healthy diet, nutritional supplements to balance the oxidation rate and major mineral ratios on a hair test, lifestyle suggestions, detoxification, and meditation.

It consists of 5 recommendations based off your hair analysis, which includes diet, supplements, lifestyle, detoxification, and meditation.  You will also receive an audio that goes over your hair mineral analysis in detail to let you know what is going on with your current body chemistry.

Perfect Health Consulting Services provides Hair Analysis Interpretation and Increase Your Vitality programs to individuals worldwide.  The hair sample is then sent to Analytical Research Labs in Phoenix, Arizona.  Hair Analysis is recommended for anyone who is experiencing health issues.  Mineral Imbalances can be identified and then corrected through the Increase Your Vitality program.  For individuals who are not experiencing any symptoms or health conditions, hair analysis is still valuable because mineral imbalances can be corrected to prevent any health conditions from occurring in the future.  The hair test is sent to Perfect Health Consulting Services from the lab to be interpreted by Kristen Harper and then a Increase Your Vitality program is designed to balance body chemistry naturally.                               


Why choose Hair Mineral Analysis & Increase Your Vitality program over drug medicine, naturopathy, homeopathy, herbs, hormone therapy, chelation, and more?


Increase Your Vitality is completely different because it is a whole systems approach, whereas drug medicine and most healing arts are a symptomatic approach.  A symptomatic approach focuses on a part of the body, symptom, or health condition, and then a medication/remedy is recommended to address the symptom.  


For example, if an individual is suffering with a cold, a doctor may suggest the person take an antibiotic.  If a person has chronic kidney failure, the individual may be referred to a kidney specialist who will be advised to take a medication for high cholesterol or high blood pressure.  For end stage kidney disease, dialysis may be recommended.  Another example would be a naturopathic doctor who suggests you take a synthetic thyroid hormone, an oral medication for Hypothyroidism.  


Increase Your Vitality does not focus on specific parts of the body such as the kidneys, symptoms, or health conditions.  The Increase Your Vitality programs are designed based on a Hair Analysis to balance the minerals in the cells of the body, and in time, this will enhance the body’s vitality.  As the body’s vitality is increased, the body will be able to eliminate symptoms in its own natural order and timing.  Cells are located within your hair and cells are the major site of metabolic activity, it is not the blood or urine.


The symptomatic approach offered by drug medicine and most healing arts doesn’t heal the body at very deep levels and address the underlying imbalances causing the symptom or health condition to begin with.  The symptomatic approach is only a temporary fix to manage the symptom or illness.  Based on Increase Your Vitality, the body is viewed as a whole system and it is all about balancing body chemistry.  This is done by balancing the major mineral ratios, mineral levels, and oxidation rate on a hair test, by replenishing minerals into the body, removing toxins, balancing the minerals in the cells, and enhancing the body’s vitality naturally.


What does a Increase Your Vitality program consist of?


It is a five step program consisting of diet, nutritional supplements, lifestyle, detoxification, and meditation recommendations. 



1)  Diet:  The slow oxidizer and fast oxidizer diets are extremely healthy and supply the body with needed nutrients.  The diets consist of quality animal protein on a daily basis, such as chicken, turkey, lamb, eggs, and a little raw dairy.  Also, the diet includes 7-9 cups of cooked vegetables daily for mineral content.  Fast Oxidizers burn food at a faster rate, so they require fat at each meal to slow down their oxidation rate such as olive oil, raw butter or cream.  Slow oxidizers only require a little fat daily such as 1-2 tablespoons daily, since they burn food at a slower rate and require more protein to enhance their oxidation rate.  Some complex carbohydrates are allowed on the diets, such as blue corn.  Stay away from wheat, fruit, juices, sugar, refined foods, alcohol, vegetarian diets, most raw foods, the night shade vegetables, most seafood / fish, and more.  Spring water is the only type of water included in the diet because it hydrates the body the best and contains minerals.


2.  Nutritional Supplements:  What is unique about the Increase Your Vitality Program is that metabolic packs are suggested for you to take based off of your Hair Analysis.  Metabolic paks are multi-vitamin/mineral supplements through Endomet Laboratory in Phoenix, Arizona that are specifically designed to balance the oxidation type and rate.  For instance, slow oxidizers are advised to take Megapan, a metabolic pak, which includes nutrients such as B complex vitamins to enhance the slow oxidation rate.  Other supplements usually recommended on the Increase Your Vitality program are calcium, magnesium, fish oil, GB-3 (digestive aid), zinc, Vitamin D, animal glandulars for slow oxidizers to strengthen weak thyroid and adrenal activity, and others depending on the individual. 


3.  Lifestyle:  This is an important component of the program to reduce stress, get enough rest, and relax the nervous system for healing to occur.  It is important to go bed no later than 9 pm and sleep more than 8-9 hrs every night.  Rest during the day is helpful.  Also, 30 minutes of sunshine every day is crucial for health.  Foot reflexology on a daily basis is excellent to relax the nervous system and balance the acupuncture meridians in the body.  It is best to avoid electromagnetic fields as much as possible.  Only do gentle exercise, such as walking.  All body care and cleaning products you use should be all natural.  There are other lifestyle suggestions included within the Increase Your Vitality program.  


4.  Detoxification:  Near infrared sauna therapy and coffee enemas on a daily basis are part of our detoxification protocols on a Increase Your Vitality program to remove over two dozen of toxic metals, hundreds of toxic chemicals, parasites, and infections from the body.


5.  Meditation:  As part of a Increase Your Vitality program, meditation is recommended daily for many benefits, including enhancing your immune system, spiritual development, letting go of addictions, finding your life’s purpose, feeling inner peace within, and much more.  Increase Your Vitality goes beyond just healing the body, it leads to spiritual development, which is the expansion of our chakras

and the development of our subtle bodies.  Chakras are spinning vortices of energy that are located on the midline of our body from our feet to our head and subtle bodies are energetic bodies that some people can see surrounding the body.  We have seven main chakras and six main subtle bodies.  When the chakras are expanded and the subtle bodies are developed, this will lead to a long, healthy, happy life, full of wisdom and spiritual gifts.                           


In Summary


I highly encourage you to get on a Increase Your Vitality program to not only achieve perfect health, but to also develop spiritually.  Health should be your number one priority because without it, you have nothing.  Increase Your Vitality addresses mind, body, and spirit, and takes you to a level of well-being that you would have never even imagined!