Do you struggle with memory loss, headaches, fatigue, or other health issues?  These all can be a result of mineral imbalances.  Learn how to relieve headaches, reverse memory loss, and overcome fatigue.  Reasons for mineral imbalances include:


  • Stress
  • Mineral Deficient Food Supply
  • Drinking Improper Water
  • Toxic Metals and Chemicals in our Food, Water, Air, and more
  • Improper Digestion
  • Taking the Wrong Nutritional Supplements not Compatible with Your Current Body Chemistry
  • and much more!


Hair Analysis Interpretation


Here is a hair mineral analysis of a 45 year old female who has had a history of memory loss, headaches, and fatigue.  Her hair analysis reveals:


how to relieve headaches


  • A Slow Metabolism, which is associated with weak adrenal and thyroid activity.  Slow oxidizers have high calcium and magnesium levels.  Additionally, they have low sodium and potassium levels.  Those with a slow oxidation rate tend to have low energy, depression, dry skin, weight gain, cravings for sweets, are prone to infections, and more.


how to relieve headaches


how to relieve headaches


  • High Levels of Cobalt, Strontium, and Tin.  This hair analysis shows high levels of  cobalt, strontium, and tin.  It is important she reduces her exposure and detoxification would be beneficial.  Some herbs are high in cobalt.  It is best this client discontinue any herbs taken in dietary supplement form.  Cobalt can also be found in other supplements, water, soil, and more.  Strontium toxicity can interfere with normal calcium metabolism.  Tin in excess interferes with iron metabolism.  


how to relieve headaches


  • Pain and Inflammation.  This is revealed as a high sodium/ potassium ratio (Na/K) on her hair analysis.  A high Na/K ratio increases the magnesium burn rate due to stress.  Intense stress can cause magnesium deficiency.  Her high calcium and magnesium (Ca/Mg) ratio, in addition to other indicators, does reveal a magnesium deficiency.


 Causes of Memory Loss, Headaches, and Fatigue


Memory Loss


Did you know memory loss can be caused by a magnesium deficiency or other imbalances? This hair analysis reveals indicators of a magnesium deficiency, including the high calcium / magnesium (Ca/Mg) ratio.



A sodium deficiency, toxic metals, and other imbalances can cause headaches.  This hair analysis reveals a low sodium level and also heavy metal toxicity.  Learn below how to relieve headaches and other health issues by balancing your mineral system.



Fatigue is associated with a slow metabolism.  Slow oxidizers tend to have weak adrenal and thyroid activity.  This 45 year old woman’s hair analysis shows a slow metabolic type.


How to Relieve Headaches, Reverse Memory Loss, and Overcome Fatigue


1.  Get a Hair Analysis here      

2.  Follow the Increase Your Vitality Program, which includes a healthy diet, nutritional supplements to balance the major mineral ratios on a hair analysis, healthy lifestyle, detoxification, and meditation.  The program addresses headaches, memory loss, fatigue, and other health issues by balancing the minerals in the cells, increasing energy, and eliminating toxins from the body.



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