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Perfect Health Consulting Services provides Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis and Increase Your Vitality programs designed to balance body naturally.  Watch Kristen Harper, Founder of Perfect Health Consulting Services introduce you to Hair Analysis and Increase Your Vitality:

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Achieve PERFECT HEALTH through Hair Mineral Analysis and Increase Your Vitality, one of the most advanced healing programs available today!  Most symptoms or health conditions are a result of mineral imbalances that are going on inside the body.  Minerals cannot be made inside the body, therefore they must be replenished through diet and nutritional supplements.  Minerals are extremely important because they are involved with almost every enzyme reaction in the body.  Most people today have mineral deficiencies, mineral imbalances, and heavy metal / chemical toxicity, which can cause every imaginable symptom!  Reasons for mineral imbalances include:


  • Stress
  • Emotions such as Anger or Fear
  • Medications / Vaccinations / Birth Control Pills
  • Toxic Metals & Chemicals in our Food, Water, and Air
  • Mineral Deficient Food Supply
  • Drinking Improper Water
  • Taking the wrong Nutritional Supplements not Compatible with your Current Body Chemistry
  • Unhealthful Lifestyle
  • Improper Eating Habits
  • Improper Digestion
  • Mineral Imbalances passed on from Mother to Child
  • and More!



Replenish Minerals

Replenish Your Body with Minerals through a Healthy Diet and Nutritional Supplements based off a Hair Analysis.


Resolve Mineral Imbalances

Through the Increase Your Vitality Program, including Diet & Nutritional Supplements.  Balance the Minerals in the Cells of the Body.


Increase Your Body's Vitality

Increase Your Body’s Energy by Balancing the Oxidation Rate and Major Mineral Ratios on a Hair Analysis.  Rebuild Your Thyroid & Adrenal Glands, which are involved with Energy Production.


Remove Toxins

Remove over two dozen toxic metals and hundreds of toxic chemicals from the body through detoxification and the Increase Your Vitality Program.


Develop Spiritually

Feel Inner Peace.  Expand Your Chakras.  Find Your Life’s Purpose.  Quiet Your Mind.  Receive Answers From Your Soul.  Gain Wisdom.  Develop Spiritual Gifts.



Increase Your Body’s Vitality.  Enhance Your Health.   Feel Vibrant and Young.



Feel Inner Peace.  Expand Your Chakras.  Develop Spiritually.



improve Brain Health.  Increase Intelligence.  Move to a Higher Level of Awareness.  Enhance Memory, & More!



Increase Your Vitality Program


  • Diet
  • Nutritional Supplements
  • Lifestyle
  • Detoxification
  • Meditation


1)  Diet:  Our slow oxidizer and fast oxidizer diets are extremely healthy and supply the body with needed nutrients.  The diets consist of quality animal protein on a daily basis such as chicken, turkey, lamb, eggs, or sardines.  Also, 7-9 cups of cooked vegetables daily are included in the diet for mineral content.  Fast Oxidizers burn food at a faster rate, so they require fat at each meal to slow down their oxidation rate, such as olive oil, raw butter or cream.  Slow oxidizers require less fat daily because they burn food at a slower rate.  They require more protein to enhance their oxidation rate.  Some complex carbohydrates are allowed on the diets, especially blue corn.  Forbidden foods include wheat, fruit, sugar, refined foods, alcohol, vegetarian diets, most raw foods, the night shade vegetables, and more.  Spring water is the best type of water to drink because it hydrates the body the best, in addition to containing minerals.


2)  Nutritional Supplements: The supplements recommended based off your hair mineral analysis are specifically designed to balance your oxidation type and rate.  By balancing he oxidation rate and major mineral ratios on a hair analysis, this will increase the body’s vitality.  For instance, slow oxidizers require nutrients such as B vitamins and others, to enhance their slow oxidation rate.  On the other hand, Fast Oxidizers require nutrients to slow down their oxidation rate.  Fast Oxidizers need Vitamin D, calcium, magnesium, copper, and more. 


3)  Lifestyle:  This is an important step of the program to reduce stress and relax the nervous system for healing to occur.  Everyone should go to bed no later than 9 pm and sleep more than 8-9 hrs every night.  It is important to rest as much as possible and not have demanding schedules.  Obtaining 30 minutes of sunshine daily is excellent.  Foot reflexology is also part of the Increase Your Vitality program.  It will balance the acupuncture meridians in the body and relax the nervous system.  It is best to avoid electromagnetic fields as much as possible, as well as toxins in personal care products cosmetics, and cleaning products.  Only gentle exercise is recommended and it is best to avoid vigorous exercise.  There are more lifestyle suggestions that are included in the Increase Your Vitality Program.  


4)  Detoxification:  Near Infrared Sauna Therapy is our detoxification recommendation on the Increase Your Vitality program to remove over two dozen of toxic metals, hundreds of toxic chemicals, parasites, and infections from the body.


5)  Meditation:  Meditation is part of the Increase Your Vitality Program and is recommended daily.  There are many benefits of meditation including enhancing health, reducing stress, feeling inner peace, let go of addictions, listening to your soul, finding your life’s purpose, and much more!



How This Program Works


Increase Your Vitality will remove over 2 dozen of toxic metals and hundreds of toxic chemicals from the body, replenish minerals into the body, resolves mineral imbalances, and balances body chemistry.  Hair Analysis re-tests are recommend every 3-6 months.  Most people need to stay on the program 1 year because it takes at least 3 years to remove the bulk of toxic metals and chemicals from the body.  Additionally, there are clients who will stay on the program long- term to prevent illness and to stay healthy.  

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Hair Mineral Analysis?

Hair Analysis tests for nutritive and toxic minerals.  It reveals mineral deficiencies, mineral imbalances, as well as heavy metal toxicity.  Hair Mineral Analysis is a tissue and cellular test.  Your hair is a tissue and there are cells within your hair.  Cells are the major site of metabolic activity, not the blood or urine.   Here are a couple of examples of why Hair Analysis is so effective at detecting mineral deficiencies and toxic metals compared to blood tests:

If you have a zinc deficiency, your body will move zinc out of your tissues, such as your hair, and move it into your blood to maintain the blood, since it is vitally important and touches all body tissues.  Blood is maintained at the expense of the tissues.  This means your body will balance the minerals in your blood, even if an illness is present, while the tissues such as your hair suffer.  Mineral imbalances will show up in the hair often years before they will show up in the blood.  By the time they show up in the blood, it is usually too late in the development of the disease process.  Hair Analysis is very effective at detecting mineral imbalances, especially very early on!


If you had a recent exposure to Mercury, a toxic metal, your body will move Mercury out of your blood within 90 days or less to protect your blood, since it is vitally important.  Your body will move the Mercury into your tissues, such as your hair, where it will do less damage to your body.  Hair Analysis is very effective at detecting Toxic Metals!


Hair Analysis can reveal the following:


  • Mineral Imbalances
  • Heavy Metal Toxicity
  • Metabolic Type: Slow or Fast Oxidation
  • Adrenal & Thyroid Activity
  • Liver & Kidney Stress
  • Other Gland & Organ Insights
  • Carbohydrate Tolerance
  • Protein Synthesis
  • Energy & Vitality
  • Stress Patterns
  • Functioning of the Autonomic Nervous System
  • Psychological / Mental Illness Assessment
  • Trends for 60 or more Health Conditions
  • And more!
Why Choose Perfect Health Consulting Services?

Perfect Health Consulting Services will provide you with QUALITY SERVICES!  Clients have told Kristen repeatedly that her Hair Analysis Interpretations are very thorough.  She provides you with as much detailed information as possible, so that you can understand what exactly is going on with your current body chemistry! 

You will be impressed with Ms. Harper’s EXPERTISE involving Hair Analysis and Increase Your Vitality!  She has been a Hair Analysis practitioner working with clients worldwide since July 2009.  Furthermore, Kristen Harper has been on the Hair Mineral Analysis and  Increase Your Vitality Program since 2001.  She has worked with Celebrity Clients, has been on many radio shows, and speaks to audiences on a regular basis  You can learn more about Kristen Harper and view her Media Kit here:

Why have a Hair Mineral Analysis Interpretation from Kristen Harper instead of another interpretation method?

Among the doctors and nutritionists who use hair mineral testing, many only use it to detect high levels of toxic metals and nothing more. Kristen Harper assesses so much more from a hair test. Also, there is a small number of doctors who use hair mineral testing to detect low levels of trace minerals and then do replacement therapy by suggesting foods or food supplements to raise the low mineral levels. Kristen finds this to not be effective at all.  Ms. Harper has a Hair Analysis Diploma, has been reviewing client hair tests since 2009, and has been following the Hair Analysis / Increase Your Vitality Program since 2001.

What Laboratory is my Hair Sample Sent To?

Your hair sample is sent to Trace Elemts, which is highly recommended over most laboratories, since it does not wash hair samples.  This is critical because the majority of labs wash hair samples with harsh detergent chemicals, which can skew the mineral readings on a Hair Analysis.

What Is the Increase Your Vitality Program?

The Increase Your Vitality programs are designed based off of a Hair Analysis to balance the minerals in the cells of the body, which will increase your body’s energy.  High vitality will allow the body to eliminate symptoms in its own natural order and timing.  Hair Mineral Analysis and Increase Your Vitality program It is a natural healing approach, which balances mind, body, and spirit.

How is the Increase Your Vitality Program Completely Different from Drug Medicine, Naturopathy, Homeopathy, Herbs, Chelation, Hormone Therapy, & Other Healing Arts?

The Increase Your Vitality Program takes on a Whole Systems approach by balancing the minerals in the cells of the body, which will increase the body’s energy, and then the body eliminates symptoms in its own natural order and timing.  This is done by recommending a healthy diet and nutritional supplements based off a Hair Analysis to balance the oxidation rate / type and major mineral ratios.  Increase Your Vitality views the body as a whole system and realizes that every part of the body affects every other part.

On the other hand, Drug Medicine, Naturopathy, Homeopathy, Herbs, Chelation, Hormone Therapy, and other healing arts, takes on a symptomatic approach, which a remedy is recommended to correct a symptom.  The problem with a symptomatic approach is that it doesn’t address and resolve the underlying imbalances that are going on inside the body, only manages them (mineral imbalances, heavy metal toxicity, and more).  A symptomatic approach is a temporary fix, very superficial,  covers up the symptoms or health conditions, and views the body as separate body parts (example: a remedy is recommended for your kidneys).

Would You Like Kristen To Speak at Your Event?

Kristen Harper of Perfect Health Consulting Services is a Health and Wellness Speaker.  Learn more on her Speaking page.

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I have now been on the Increase Your Vitality program for about 6 years. The change has been remarkable. I do not recognize the person I was when I first started. I used to suffer from depression, anxiety and OCD back then. I can honestly say depression and anxiety are gone and OCD is non-existent. No more poor digestion, constipation, feeling cold all the time, fatigue and probably many more symptoms I cannot even remember anymore. The Increase Your Vitality Program has given me back my life and I have found joy and happiness again!



I have no more Iron Deficiency and Hashimotos.



Kristen was really knowledgeable explaining my results in a way that I could understand.  I liked that I was able to get the hair analysis done and receive the results in the comfort of my home.  It was convenient for me.  A month into the Increase Your Vitality Program, my PMS reduced drastically, overall I feel better, my metabolism has sped up, and I don’t have the sugar & carb cravings like I used to have.  The last 2 months, I easily lost the last 7 stubborn pounds that I gained during pregnancy.  Overall the process was simple, easy, and the results definitely exceeded my expectations.


Atlanta, Georgia

Hair Mineral Analysis and Increase Your Vitality Program

Achieve Perfect Health.  Improve Your Energy.  Feel Inner Peace.